Why Van Life Living?

Why Van Life is so Appealing

Why Van Life is Cool and Sexy

Even though the reasons that Van Life is so appealing are different for any individual, there are a number of common reasons:

1.    Love to Travel: the love to travel is one of the main reasons for many people to choose Van Life. Being able to wake up every day at a new location, a new sunrise, is a luxury that is highly appreciated by most Van Lifers.

2.    Freedom: the freedom to go anywhere a car can take you and bringing along many comforts in your vehicles offers lots of freedom to go and stay as long as you like.

3.    Adventure: going places off the beaten path – not having to check whether hotels are available. If there is (more or less) a road, you can go.

4.    Nature: in many cases you may park your vehicle such that you immediately have a great view of sea, beaches, mountains, lakes etc. from inside, in front of or even upon your vehicle. This way you can really get in touch with nature.

Van Life can be experienced on a small or a large budget, by young or old. For a short period or for years in a row.

What you do need is a healthy sense of adventure and a respect of nature. You may need some tolerance to not having all the conveniences on the road that you would enjoy at a regular house, although that actually depends a lot the budget for your van purchase and your operational cost.

In Indonesia the number of continuous Van Lifers, more or less permanently living in their van seems still rather limited (?) although this is likely to go up quickly.  Especially as the number of on-line workers is going up fast, this enables people to work wherever Internet is available and more and more sites to park your van.