Indonesia has lots of cool destinations to choose from.

Particularly Java and Bali have lots of facilities that are pretty well accessible. There are plenty of camping grounds, lookout points, rest areas, local farms and other places to choose from. This section provides you with cool places to park. We appreciate it if you can upload your favorite places and share them with all of us. And if possible kindly rate the places others upload here if you know them or after you tried them.


So if you know some good destinations, please mention them in this section. Kindly give a brief description of the location, a minimum of 1 photograph, shareloc if possible and useful tips for at the destination.

You can rate your uploads as you see fit. Other visitors are invited to also rate these destinations. However you are only allowed to rate the destinations based on your actual experience only. We want to keep this site as objective as possible.

Below you can find destinations and ratings. Ratings are given based on the following aspects:

overall cool factor rating (so how cool do you think this place is; basically all the below aspects in one rating)

overall surroundings rating at the destination

overall facilities rating at the destination

accessibility (roads and distance to the location)

privacy rating (how busy is the place and how much privacy do you have? Higher ratings for more secluded places; crowded places should score low)


Find destinations with their ratings hereunder.

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