Preparations for Van Life

So you thought seriously about Van Life in Indonesia and yes, you finally have got your van. Now the preparations for Van Life start.

Preparations consist of what to bring and what to do prior to taking off. Certainly particularly the latter – what to do – depends very much on the purpose and period you are going to be out there. If you go for a short trip, well it is more obvious to just bring the stuff you will need during your short trip. Your take-alongs will differ when you are going to the mountains compared with to the beach for obvious reasons.

In this section you may find a number of things to prepare, or at least to consider before your trip.

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1. Arrange your Insurance. For your car and for yourself. If you are a weekend warrior or going for short trips this may not be as important as when you go for longer periods.

2. Get at least somewhat acquainted with the basics of how your car’s engine works. This to avoid that you end up in the middle of a jungle road without any help around.

3. Arrange your administration and its related address so you can be located for mail and maybe for other purposes (such as receiving payment for your work) that may require you to have an address.

4. If you are not travelling by yourself, select your van life partner(s) well. Make sure you can stand them and they can stand you. Small spaces (in the van) do not always translate into sweet romances or great comradery. Van life can result in lack of privacy and lack of neutral company. This can be great under certain circumstances. But being extremely close and mutually dependent can cause stress on any kind of relationship. On a positive note it can undeniably also strengthen the relationship.



1. Well besides bringing your van the correct answer to what to bring is: “Not too much“. Stuff to bring consists mainly of everything you will really absolutely positively need while on the road or at your destination. However remember to “pack light”. Don’t bring too much as your space will be very limited.

2. Ensure you will have a good WiFi. Check where you will travel and which operator(s) will likely have good coverage. This does not only apply to people working on-line from their van but also to most of the others. Living without WiFi is currently not easy. So ensure a good WiFi option – unless it is your purpose to “leave the world behind you”.

3. There is a whole bunch of goodies out there which may be useful for van life. Some may help you to save space. Others are very useful for various other reasons. And even there are lots of gear, equipment etc. that are just plainly unnecessary – you would better keep your money in your pockets. A totally different story of course for our’s store (tongue-in-cheek). Anyhow select well what stuff you will bring. If you are not certain that you will need it then don’t bring it.