Cool Conversions

Cool Van Conversions

In this section you can see some simple, original, luxurious or otherwise cool solutions. For some standard solutions there are a number of specialized suppliers that will adjust your van or bus at reasonable cost. But the coolest ones are actually the special design vehicles. Most of those are not easy on your bank account though.

In this section you can see images of some pretty brilliant van conversions. 

You can see some cool Indonesian conversions to take ideas from. You can also see top-of-the-line conversions from abroad. The link to the original site will also be provided.

Converting an existing van is exiting but also a lot of work. There are a few specialized companies that can help you to convert your van – or they can sell you a totally prepared van, complete with a number of standard facilities.

The coolest is to design your own van – and optionally convert it yourself. You will get exactly what you envisioned (provided you did a good job).



(with reference to the original site)