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Van Life Team Indonesia

Just a bunch of Van Life enthusiasts

The Van Life Team Indonesia consist of a bunch of Van Life enthusiasts in Indonesia. The initiative for the website was by Richard den Hertog, a Dutch guy who has been living for several decades in Indonesia. He is supported by a number of people including some family members and friends. As the community is growing fast the team also is. The idea is that the website will basically be built by the community of vanlife and campervan enthusiasts.


Our Mission

Well, our mission is simple. Help to enable Vanlifers, Campervanners and Motorhomers in Indonesia to get the best info and support possible and offer a meeting place. All in order to get the most out of their lifestyle.

For info and questions, just send an email to contact@vanlifeindonesia.com

Vanlifeindonesia.com: The Best on-line Vanlife Experience

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