About Indonesia

What's so cool about Indonesia?

For anybody who ended up on this website but is not entirely certain why to visit Indonesia, here is a brief introduction.

Indonesia has an enormous variety of people, landscapes, and impressions to offer. It has over 17,000 islands, largest being Sumatra, Java, Sulawesi, and parts of Borneo and New Guinea. It is the world’s fourth-most populous country with over 270 million people and has the most populous Muslim-majority of any country. The majority of the population lives on Java Island. Indonesians are on average very friendly and helpful yet sometimes overly curious people. Particularly in the cities you will find a melting pot of various ethnic and religious backgrounds.

Little kids having big fun
Selamat Datang = Welcome!

In the below video you can get an impression of the different landscapes with lots of mountains and beaches. Bringing your van you can actually get to most of the major islands however most Indonesians as well as foreigners with their camper will be found on 2 islands, Java and Bali. These islands are mostly very accessible by car, have lots of facilities and a pretty good infrastructure. Bali has a special place in the hearts of many that have visited Indonesia. It is a relatively small island but with its majority Hindu population and its thousands of very typical temples, its green rice paddies, its majestic mountains, lush forests and great beaches it is a place that you would not want to skip when visiting Indonesia.

Hindu temple at Bedugul, Bali